What is the Hero Challenge?

Heroes Challenge ‘XII Labors of Hercules’ is a training program created especially for you. It draws inspiration from the mythic tasks that Hercules himself had to undertake. This extraordinary series of twelve demanding exercises is dedicated to developing your strength, endurance, and determination.

As part of this challenge, we encourage you to discover your inner hero by embarking on a series of tasks inspired by the mythological labors of Hercules. Each labor will require your commitment, motivation, and dedication.

Our goal in the Heroes Challenge is not only to improve your physical fitness but also to nurture your character and inner strength. We are confident that you can surpass your previous limits, overcome difficulties, and achieve something truly exceptional.

Throughout the Heroes Challenge program, I will be by your side as your coach to support you, motivate you, and provide professional guidance. We will monitor your progress and goals so that you can track your achievements.

Upon completing all twelve labors of Hercules, you will be honored with a special reward symbolizing your triumph and heroic results. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to commemorate your achievement in the Heroes’ Book. This special book will serve as a memento of your heroic effort and commitment.

I warmly invite you to participate in the Heroes Challenge ‘XII Labors of Hercules’ and discover your true potential, strength, and indomitable spirit that lies within you.

Join us, hero, and create your legend!

Sincerely, Panteon Gym Team

The Rules of the Heroes Challenge Program:

Attendance at the Gym: Panteon Gym should be visited for your own training/cardio at least 8 times within one month. Only on the 9th visit will you be eligible to undertake one of the Heracles tasks.

Execution of the Task in the Presence of a Team Member: The task will be performed in the presence of a Panteon Gym team member. A trainer will be available to observe progress and provide support during the task’s execution. The presence of a team member allows for verification and confirmation of the task’s correct completion. or:

Recording for Verification Purposes: If desired, you may record the execution of the task on your mobile phone for verification purposes. This recording will serve as evidence of the correct completion of the task, which should be presented to a team member for approval.

Seal on Your Hero Card: After completing the task, you will receive a special seal on your Hero Card. This seal will confirm the completion of the task and attest to your progress in the Heroes Challenge program.

Entry in the Hero Book: After finishing the task, crown your efforts by making an entry in the Hero Book. This is a symbolic action that will commemorate your achievement and be immortalized in Panteon Gym’s history. Record your: nickname/name, date, your weight on the day of task execution, and the task you performed.

These rules have been introduced to ensure motivation, proper control, and participation in the Heroes Challenge program. Attendance at the gym and observation or recording of task execution aim to ensure the program’s fairness and confirm your achievements. Entering the Hero Book adds permanence and pride in your progress.

Additionally, as an incentive to complete all twelve of Heracles’ tasks, we would like to announce that the person who completes all 12 tasks will receive a special reward – the title of ‘Hero’s Legend’ and a material surprise. This reward will be a testament to your incredible achievement and allow you to enjoy the well-deserved glory. The perseverance and determination you demonstrate while performing Heracles’ tasks will lead you to this unique distinction.

We hope this reward becomes an additional motivation for you to take on the Heroes Challenge and achieve success that brings you the honor and glory you deserve.

Sincerely, Panteon Gym Team